We Make Content

When We're not working, We're Producing

We love what we do, and if we're not working we're always making something. Here are just a few things we consistently produce during our downtime.

Film Shorts

Once a month, we make a short to improve our skills. Sometimes it’s awesome. Sometimes it’s new. Sometimes we just learn from our mistakes. See here for what we’ve done so far.


We currently have two Webcomics in the works. A few times a week we update with a new panel. This helps our art and allows us to build onto our own creative worlds.

Our Team

Meet the Crew that works behind the scenes
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Founder, Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, VFX Guy & occasional Director.
An avid enthusiast of Filmmaking and Visual Effects, Jack sought to bridge the gap between his dream of producing content and making a living while doing so.
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Drone Pilot, Videographer, Editor & Gamer.
Anthony loves his Drone. When shots in the sky need to happen he’s the guy to do it and when he’s not flying he’s editing… Or gaming.

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