Look at that...

And so we start with our first storyboarding sequence. As always, the art is courtesy of Vance (Since I can't draw worth crap!) but what makes this benchmark unuique is that it's our first foray into scripting out our films in advance as a group and not with me alone trying to do it by myself. The idea and script was created by Vance and this marks the first of hopefully many more storyboards I hope to start uploading so we can record our process and share with others.

The plan is to put these up alongside our scripts and chronicle the process of turning this into a short. It's going to get a little hectic with this Christmas season but let's see if we can't start churning getting this short shot and edited before we hit the new year. It's a simple concept, minimal VFX, mostly acting and camera work and the best part is I like the humor behind it. Somehow this feels really right even if it might be straightforward.

I'll upload the actual script to this after we film and wrap the short, but keep on the lookout for more posts like these.


Badump bump bump!  - Jack


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