I started VidEvage with one simple goal.

To make amazing Visual Art & create compelling content.

So what does that ultimately mean? It means you can hire me.

My greatest dream is to tell compelling stories, to create interest, to say, hey, this story is different in a crowd of visuals that all look the same. It's not always easy nor always successful to stand out, but it is rewarding and sometimes the end result can be amazing. Because of that I love what I do and I want to see it grow, and to see you grow too.

My passion for storytelling and creating content has led me to put together a small team of people with unique talents in an effort to help produce engaging content. Both for others, and for ourselves. So when we can, we create comic books or short films in our spare time, to hone our skills and to continue our growth between the work hours.

I believe in progress and becoming better everyday. Dreams shouldn't be left behind just because they are too hard or inconvenient. We get one life, and we need to produce something with it. In our case, we choose to be creators and filmmakers, and in your case we can use that passion to help you create yours.

I want to help you tell your story. Through whatever I or my team can offer: Film, Voice Acting, Motion Graphics, Art, or (my favorite) Visual Effects. Your content is important, and I want to give you the best we can provide.

You just need to imagine it.