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VFX & Motion Graphics

Visual Effects

Need some VFX Magic for Your Film?

Motion Graphics & Animation

Animate Your Logo Or Product

Prices for

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Animated Logos

3-5 Second Intro/Outro - 350$ (EST)

5-10 Second Intro/Outro - 600$ (EST)

Commercial Product or Explainer

Short (Roughly 1-3 mins) - 1000$ (EST)

Long (Roughly 3-5 mins) - 1500$ (EST)

5 Mins or More - Request a Quote

Motion Graphics & 2D Animations

These projects can vary wildly in price, therefore the cost will depend on the level of work that is needed.

Please contact with a script or outline of what you would like to see!

Visual Effects

Hourly Rate - 50$ an Hour

All projects have a limited budget.

For that reason we are willing to work with flat rates to save costs.

Camera Tracking

3D Smoke & Fire Effects


Keying & Background



Wire Removal & Cleanup

Contact us about your project

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